How To Kill Small Ants In Kitchen


Dealing with any kind of pests in the home can be a difficult task, but having small ants in the kitchen can especially be a challenge. Identifying the type of ant is essential to formulating a plan of attack. Small ants are usually thought of as black ant species, but they could be red ant species or even flying ants which usually have wings and much larger than their ground counterparts. Examining them closely or catching one in some kind of trap and bringing it to an expert entomologist could be the best way to be sure of their species and ultimately the best kind of technique to use for getting rid of them.


Once the type of ant has been identified, it is then possible to start looking for means of eliminating them from the kitchen. There are plenty of store-bought products that typically include insecticides or pesticides. Depending on the type of ant, the product used can vary from dusts, baits, sprays, and more. It is important to ensure that whatever product is used, it is made especially to target the ant species that has been identified. These products can generally be found in any gardening store or home improvement store.


Part of getting rid of the small ants in the kitchen also involves combating the nest itself. After some regions of the the nest have been treated with insecticides, the kitchen area should then be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. All surfaces should be dusted and wiped down with antiseptic cleaner that can neutralize the scents of ant bait, killing any residual ants and preventing new ants from finding the nest.


Preventing the small ants from coming back goes hand in hand with keeping the kitchen and counters clean. A few preventative measures can also be taken such as sealing up any possible entry points like drafty windows, screening in vents and performing regular kitchen and countertop maintenance. Additionally, it is necessary to keep pet food and garbage stored and sealed away in bins. This is to avoid crumbs, which attract ants, from being left lying around.

Natural Alternatives

In addition to traditional store-bought insecticides or pesticides, there are a number of alternative methods that can be tried to get rid of small ants in the kitchen. These include using essential oils with ant-repellent properties, such as peppermint and lemongrass, to prevent the ants from coming back. Additionally, simple DIY solutions such as the use of vinegar and water or the use of a mixture made of equal parts sugar and baking soda are great non-toxic options.


In summary, getting rid of small ants in the kitchen is a complex process that requires identifying the type of ant, eliminating them with store-bought products if necessary, cleaning, and taking preventative measures to prevent the ants from returning. DIY methods such as the use of essential oils, vinegar, and baking soda can also be used as natural alternatives. Although it may be a process, using the right measures and understanding the necessary steps will allow one to get rid of and prevent small ants from infiltrating one’s kitchen.

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